Progressive metal. Some may call it a worn- out, diluted expression, but if one were to describe the musical universe of Dimension Act in two words, that’s an obvious first choice. Then add melodic, heartfelt, passionate and existential, and you’ve might just captured the essence of what these Norwegians are all about.

Formed by Marius Nilsen and Tom Vidar Salangli in mid 2008, Dimension Act soon found its way beyond the initial objective of a side project. After composing, arranging, and doing album pre- production for about a year, with Marius Nilsen handling all the instrumental duties and Tom Vidar Salangli all the vocals, the creative duality found themselves in the need of a lineup completion. During 2009, drummer Frank Nordeng Røe (Withem, Big City, ex-Marathon), bass player Tommy Granli (Dale, The Maudlin Hounds) and keyboard wizard Kristian Berg was brought in, initially, as session musicians to record the band’s debut album, Manifestation of Progress. November 2009 saw the band enter Lionheart Studios (Illusion Suite, Circus Maximus, Jorn) in Oslo, Norway, as well as their own, personal studios, working on the album for almost a year, not wrapping up the sessions until October 2010. After spending about 6 months finishing up the cover art, booklet design, as well as settling other practical matters, the band started to look for a suitable record label for the release of Manifestation of Progress. After reviewing different alternatives, the band eventually signed with the renowned American label Progrock Records (Frameshift, Roswell Six, Amaran’s Plight, Michael Sadler) in late 2011.

With Progrock Records, the band has found their perfect partner in crime. “Just like Dimension Act”, Marius Nilsen, the band’s co- founder and driving force, explains, “Shawn Gordon and Progrock Records are all about the music and the endless dedication and admiration of the progressive rock and metal genre. Our newfound home at Progrock Records brings a great sense of both achievement and fulfillment, and we are confident that Dimension Act and Progrock Records together can build the foundation needed for a long and prosperous career. Sharing label with Frameshift, who is responsible for one of the greatest debut prog albums the last 10 years is also quite a bonus, to say the least. And what about those Roswell Six albums? Home sweet home!”.

The debut album of Dimension Act, Manifestation of Progress, was released world wide through Progrock Records March 7th 2012 to critial acclaim and recognition. The album’s success earned the band a prestigious slot on ProgPower Oslo, November 2012.

The band is currently working on the follow- up to their highly successful debut album. What to expect? Well, there’s that progressive metal tag again.